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About us

Who we are?

We are a group of multinational, talented and diverse professionals aiming to bring the next big thing in blockchain technology into reality. The group was founded by Mohammed Alsehli and Walid Messaoudi in Feb 2016. In DubaiCoin we aim to revolutionize the way Governments, Businesses and People perceive and deal with Economy, E-Services and Digital transformation by leading the way in entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in blockchain technology. Our unique collection of experiences from top international firms such as Microsoft, Dell-EMC, Ericsson and Oracle in addition to our vertical business domain knowledge in banking, telecommunications, healthcare and public sector puts us in an advantages position to bringing positive mass scale change to one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Dubai.

Mohammed Alsehli

CEO : A Certified Innovation Strategist, an ITIL Service Management Expert and a ProSci Organizational Change Management practitioner with degrees in Software Engineering and Technology and Innovation Management. Worked as an Enterprise Architect in Banking and currently in Microsoft as a service Delivery Manager focusing on FSI.

Walid Messaoudi

CTO: Walid is a developer,a businessman and a full stack developer with 15+ years of experience. Currently leading the Technical efforts at ArabianChain as the Chief Technology Officer.

Mustafa Alsulami

COO : a bachelor in Electrical engineering focusing on telecommunications, double master degrees in Engineering Management and in Information systems and recommunication engineering. PMP certified, worked for Ericsson, (VCE) DEll-EMC and Microsoft


CMO : Dima is a brand enthusiast, design lover and innovation seeker. She is a certified Innovation Strategist at Sharjah Investment & Development Authority (Shurooq) UAE.

Abdulrahman Alharthi

CFO : A Computer Engineer and an MBA holder, a Solution architect and delivery management professional, worked in Ericsson and Microsoft, currently a territory Sales manager for cloud services in Oracle.

Aleksandra Vesic

Technical Lead, Engineer developer : html, css, javascript, jquery, nodejs, electron, angularjs, blockchain, cordova, phonegap.

Youssef El Allali

Senior Software Enginner, Programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Perl, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, WLangage, Pascal, Prolog, Lisp, Scala, Assembly, Solidity, Serpent, LLL, Mutan.

Tbatou Zakariae

Technical Lead And Security. Network & System Security, Risk Management, Authentication & Access Control, Programming: Java, C, C++, C#, VB, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Assembly, ASP.NET, Lisp, Serpent, Solidity. Technologies: AWT/Swing, Java 2D, Java 3D, Hibernate, Struts, JavaBeans, JSP/Servlet, OpenCV, HTML, CSS, XML, Bootstrap, jQuery, Qt, MFC

Our Project

Why it exist?

Our public, decentralized and secure blockchain that allows for self-executing, secure and globally accessible smart contracts and decentralized Apps to be developed, and for crypto currencies to be built, transacted, tracked and safeguarded over a network of thousands of connected yet distributed devices.

DubaiCoin-DBIX Project

Our new DubaiCoin-DBIX crypto currency is the advanced and metamorphosed version of our previously released DubaiCoin-DBIC with bigger ambitions and a much exciting roadmap. DubaiCoin-DBIX will allow for a secure, agile and an economical way of payments and money transfer. DubaiCoin-DBIX and all the services built around it are designed to shift everyday monetary activities into the future.


In a new era of cryptocurrency ecosystem, we give a creative energy and a life to the digital world of blockchain. The challenges of decentralized revolution lead us to our goal - simplifying and demistifying a blockchain integration. Our mission is to bring business innovation through blockchain technology by empowering everyone to develop more secure, decentralized and universally accessible applications and services.Our highly experieced team made a powerful cloud computing platform, flexable, fast, scalable and automated.

Islamic financing/Islamic banking

The global Islamic banking assets is valued at more than US$1 trillion as of 2016. Aiming to bring this promising industry to Blockchain isn’t just an act of technology innovation but it’s an effort to revolutionize one of the growing areas in today’s economy. We will be the first startup to attempt to completely shift some concepts in Islamic financing to be easily attainable, transparent and self-executing smart contracts on our DubaiChain platform.

Government Services

The demand for high quality and quick services calls for a change in the way we approach those services and the medium of which we chose to provide them through. We believe we have the edge to transform these services and bring them a step closer to the future.

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