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In order to enhance business cooperation with the community of Cryptocurrencies, ArabianChain as one of the most contributors in the invention of the 2016 Dubai Coin, which has found global popularity and acceptance by a large audience of more than 20,000 participants and nearly 12 million coins had been mined since then. The company was seeking to create business opportunities to the community of miners, trainees and investors who were looking for investment opportunities in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Although ArabianChain has not been funded for the development of Dubai coin, yet it believed in the future of this coin, and has contributed in opening of the door for everyone to participate in the success of the project and the company has put all the technologies and software into the service of the Dubai Coin community at no cost. Today we are returning to serve this wonderful society, modernize and develop the journey, to participate in the project's successes and its progress, also will help to overcome the obstacles and challenges it faced.

As ArabianChin is now owned by new investors, they are now seeking to allow the holders of the Dubai Coin to integrate into the completely new currency project called DUBXCOIN where the white paper of the project will be presented and can be reached at the following link. Below you will find all the links for the holders of DBIX and the swap procedures from DBIX to DUBX:

White Paper

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