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Sectors of Focus

Islamic Finance/banking
(Linked to to the Islamic Digital Economy initiative in Dubai)
The global Islamic banking assets is valued at more than US$1 trillion as of 2016. Aiming to bring this promising industry to the Blockchain isn’t just an act of technology innovation but it’s an effort to revolutionize one of the growing areas in today’s new emerging economy. We will be the first startup to attempt to completely shift some concepts in Islamic financing to be easily attainable, transparent and self-executing smart contracts on our ArabianChain platform.

Government Services
(Linked to Dubai’s 2020 vision for government documents on the blockchain)
The demand for high quality and speedy services calls for a change in the way we approach those services and the medium of which we chose to provide them through. We believe we have the edge to transform these services and bring them a step closer to the future.

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